5B/G3TXF : Commonwealth Contest : BERU

Nigel G3TXF operates on his fifteenth overseas trip for the Commonwealth Contest (BERU).

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Sunset from the Elysium Hotel in Paphos. Alan 5B4AHJ, David 5B4AJT, Bob 5B4AGN, Mike 5B/G3VYI and Nigel 5B/G3TXF at a pre-BERU dinner near Paphos.
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Bob 5B4AGN in his well appointed and fully equipped shack. Bob's ever reliable K3 was used by 5B/G3TXF in BERU.
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Impressive antenna array at 5B4AGN.   Bob with a fully loaded 80ft Versatower.   Antenna farm includes an 80m Four-Square.
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Two BERU 2023 entrants and XYLs meet up at lunchtime. 5B/G3TXF operating in BERU 2023 at Bob 5B4AGN's excellent station.
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The hourly QSO-rate peaked during the first hour at 100Qs, but then went gradually downhill. Between 0100z and 0400z QSO rates were less than 10 per hour. Apologies to those whom I couldn't hear or from whom I had difficulty getting the serial number. A faulty insulator on a nearby overhead high-voltage powerline was playing havoc and, at times, was causing a high noise level.

Many thanks to Bob 5B4AGN for allowing me to use his excellent station for the 2023 Commonwealth Contest. Particular thanks to Bob and xyl Karen for keeping me supplied with most welcome tea/coffee and sandwiches throughout, thus enabling 5B/G3TXF to operate continuously for almost the full 24 hours.

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N1MM was used for logging during the contest itself, but the log was subsequently imported into Win-Test to cross-check on the computation of the claimed scores. Between the two contest loggers, the claimed scores were very close, but not identical.

This operation as 5B/G3TXF was the fifteenth DX-Trip made specifically for the Commonwealth Contest. Previous BERU operations by G3TXF include 3B8XF (2020), 3B8XF (2019), 3B8XF (2018), 3B8/G3TXF (2017), J79XF (2016), V5/G3TXF (2015), ZF2XF (2014), ZF2XF (2013), ZD7XF (2012), VP2MXF (2011), 6Y8XF (2009), VQ5XF (2008), V25XF (2007) and VP2EN (2003).

Here is a multi-year Commonwealth Contest (BERU) score summary, covering thirteen different BERU operations from 2007 to 2020. This year's 5B/G3TXF operation was the first BERU trip after a pause of three years.