4X/G3TXF- Visiting Israel to do the ARI Contest ! OQRS QSLs
DXers in 4X: Mark 4Z4KX, Zvi 4X6FR, Ilya 4Z1UF, Slava 4Z5MU, Ros 4Z5LA, Nigel G3TXF, Dov 4Z4DX and Ami 4X4DK. Mark 4Z4KX speaks to Daniel 4X1FC from the yacht marina in Tel Aviv.
Daniel 4X1FC uses a K3 as his main radio. A two-element Stepp-IR beam on the roof of Daniel 4X1FC QTH in Natania near Tel-Aviv.
Daniel 4X1FC's paper log show several FOC Members: 7Q7BP, WL7E, MD0CCE, DK1WU, DL6LBI and HB9QO. Two of the many keys in Daniel 4X1FC's extensive collection of Morse telegraphy keys and paddles.
Mark 4Z4KX and Avi 4X1WQ during the visit to Daniel 4X1FC's shack in Natanya. Daniel 4X1FC who was formerly a sea-going radio-officer 'sparks' [including on board ZMPT/4XYP] collects Morse keys.
Nigel G3TXF makes his first 40 QSOs as 4X/G3TXF from Daniel 4X1FC's shack. Another 1,800 4X/G3TXF CW QSOs were made from 4Z1UF's QTH during the 24-hour ARI Contest. Slava 4Z5MU, Dov 4Z4DX, Mark 4Z4KX, Ami 4X4DK, Zvi 4X6FR (whose father Kuti 4X6OM is 4X QSL In-Bureau manager), Ros 4Z5LA and Ilya 4Z1UF at the Crowne Plaza in Tel Aviv (no, not the CP in Dayton!).
Arthur 4X4DZ operates major contests with the call 4X2M. Arthur 4X4DZ and Mark 4Z4KX on the roof with 4X4DZ's TH-11 antenna. Arthur 4X4DZ (formerly UC2OO / RC2AT) has done well in many contests as 4X2M.
Arthur 4X4DZ's neat contest station with a K3 and an Acom 2000 which feeds a TH-11 on the roof of the apartment block. Mark 4Z4KX and Arthur 4X4DZ with their TX6G and VP6T QSLs during a welcome lunch break before the start of the ARI Contest.
Ilya 4Z1UF's QTH is in Lod, not far from Tel Aviv airport. A 12-el beam is on the roof. Ilya 4Z1UF first started Amateur Radio as EZ7PAW / RL7PAW in Kazakhstan [UL7]. The 12-el Force 12 beam is mounted on a short tower bolted to the side of the wall.
Ilya 4Z1UF in his well equipped contest station. The main radio is an FT-DX-5000 with an Emtron DX-2sp amplifier. "Lod by night": photo taken from the roof of Ilya 4Z1UF's apartment block in the middle of the night during the 24 hour ARI Contest.
Nigel G3TXF with St Peter's Church, Jaffa, in the background... ...but a much earlier visitor to Jaffa was Napoleon.
The various countries of the former Soviet Union have been the source of well over 250 new 4X-4Z Radio Amateurs in Israel. The view from the roof at Arthur 4X4DZ's QTH shows how the use of solar energy for heating water is very popular in Israel.
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