3V8NC - Tunisia - 1969
In July 69 G3TXF travelled to Tunisia (by train and ferry) with a large cabin-trunk containing a KW-2000 transceiver and a 30kg auto-transformer.

On arrival all the equipment was impounded by Customs, and it took about one week of visiting the PTT, the Ministry of the Interior and the Customs (a) to get the Licence 3V8NC issued and (b) to release the equipment from Customs.

The station 3V8NC was finally set up at the student residence as Ras Tabia in Tunis.

Roger G3SXW came out to Tunis once the Licence was organised and some 8,000 QSOs were made using the call 3V8NC during late July 69 and into August 69. This is a relatively low QSO-total by today's standards but at the time it gave many a first-ever QSO with 3V8 on CW.

3V8NC is believed to have been the first ever 3V call issued to a G operator.

At about the same time in summer 1969 Renaud (Ron) F5QQ and Richard F2QQ operated as 3V8AA from Nabeul.

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