3B8XF - Commonwealth Contest 2020 : Mauritius


Nigel G3TXF operated the 2020 Commonwealth Contest (BERU) as 3B8XF from Mauritius. This was the fourteenth DX-trip made specifically to take part in the RSGB's Commonweath Contest, and the fourth time from Mauritius.

Unfortunately, although it had been planned to stay in Mauritius for three weeks (and to do plenty of 160m DX operating following the Commonwealth Contest) this did not happen.

After only one week, we had to leave Mauritius in hell of a rush on the Monday after BERU, because the airport was due to be closed on the following day.

We were pleased to meet both Clive 3B8CW and Patrice 3B8FA again briefly on this visit. We had hoped to meet up with other MARTS members, but these plans had to be cancelled because of our hasty and unexpected early departure from Mauritius.       

Previous BERU operations by G3TXF were 3B8XF (2019), 3B8XF (2018), 3B8/G3TXF (2017), J79XF (2016), V5/G3TXF (2015), ZF2XF (2014), ZF2XF (2013), ZD7XF (2012), VP2MXF (2011), 6Y8XF (2009), VQ5XF (2008), V25XF (2007) and VP2EN (2003).

Here is a multi-year Commonwealth Contest (BERU) score summary, covering thirteen different BERU operations from 2007 to 2020.


March 2020 was the fourth operation from Mauritius around the Commonwealth Contest :

2017: 3B8/G3TXF  2018: 3B8XF  2019: 3B8XF  2020: 3B8XF

The QTH in Mauritius provides not only an excellent location for Amateur Radio but also many dramatic sunsets.
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