3B8XF - Commonwealth Contest 2019 : Mauritius
Nigel G3TXF operated the 2019 Commonwealth Contest (BERU) as 3B8XF from Mauritius. This was the thirteenth DX-trip made specifically to take part in the RSGB's Commonweath Contest, and the third time from Mauritius. For the third year running this BERU operation came Fourth in the Single Operator Assisted section (but again "In First place ... behind the Canadian big-guns!")

Previous BERU operations by G3TXF were : 3B8XF (2018), 3B8/G3TXF (2017), J79XF (2016), V5/G3TXF (2015), ZF2XF (2014), ZF2XF (2013), ZD7XF (2012), VP2MXF (2011), 6Y8XF (2009), VQ5XF (2008), V25XF (2007) and VP2EN (2003).

Here is a multi-year BERU score summary. After BERU, much of the time was devoted to 160m where 1,300 QSOs were made.

March 2019 was the third operation from Mauritius around the Commonwealth Contest : 2017 : 3B8/G3TXF, 2018/2019 : 3B8XF. The QTH in Mauritius provides not only an excellent location for Amateur Radio but also many dramatic sunsets.
The islet QTH is excellent for radio. Local fisherman pass by and also fish quietly off the adjacent rocks. Local VHF/UHF and Satellite enthusiast Patrice 3B8FA helps out delivering and collecting some locally stored gear.
The 160m vertical (17m high) is just visible at the water's edge on the right of the islet. In the distance are 20m and 40m antennas. The base of the 160m vertical (T-antenna), as well as the numerous radials, get a nice sea-water soaking at high tide.
Nigel 3B8XF in the shack with an Elecraft K3S and KPA-500 amplifier (and KAT-500 ATU). Mauritius is synonymous with sugar cane and sugar production. L'Aventure du Sucre is an excellent museum, well worth a visit.
A 750mm/800mm narrow gauge railway was used to transport sugar cane to the mills across Mauritius. Low band (80/160m) DXers dream of having vertical antennas right close to (or even better, right in) the sea. At this QTH it is possible.
Off to the left : 160m sea take-off towards Europe (and USA)..... Storm waves break across the causeway to the islet. Off to the right : 160m sea take-off towards Japan.....
Radial wires across the rocks to the base of the 17m high 160m T-antenna. The 40m vertical, which was also force-fed through the KAT-500 ATU to work on 15m during the Commonwealth Contest (BERU).
Collecting up all the 160m radials ...... out of the sea.
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