1A0KM - SMOM - July 2007

Roger G3SXW and Nigel G3TXF made about 6,000 QSOs during 2½ days as guest CW-ops at the July 2007 1A0KM operation from SMOM (Sovereign Military Order of Malta) in Rome. The 1A0KM operation was organised by IK0FVC, I0JBL, I0ZY, I8NHJ, IK0FTA, IK0PRG, IK0DWN, IW0GIV and IW0GPN. Other part-time overseas guest-ops included DL6RAI, DL5MAE, K5AB, KO4RR and N4WV.
Roberto IK0PRG, Francesco IK0FVC and Roger G3SXW at one of the HF stations in the 1A0KM shack within the SMOM villa. Sunset view of the 6m beam mounted on the roof of a purpose built comms vehicle used for the VHF-UHF stations at 1A0KM.
The Maltese Cross symbol appears not only in the red flag on top of the SMOM villa but also in the wind vanes. Roberto IK0PRG (organiser of the HF antennas for the 1A0KM operation) with part-time guest-op Nigel G3TXF at SMOM Villa.
Luciano I0JBL with Texan DXer Alan K5AB (one of the three US guest-ops at the July 2007 1A0KM operation). Top six-metre DXer Sergio IK0FTA operating on 50137 or 50091 from the VHF comms vehicle in the SMOM car park area.
The roof-top 1A0KM spider-beam for 20-17-15-12-10m with the Maltese cross flag. 70cm and 23cm antennas were installed next to the comms vehicle in the car park. Dome of St Peter's (in HV-land) as seen from the gardens in SMOM (1A0KM).
Alessandro IW0GPN with Alan K5AB and Roger G3SXW. And yes, Italians are ALWAYS talking on their mobile-phones! IW0GIV Raimondo gets ready to install more equipment for the VHF-UHF station installed in a comms vehicle at 1A0KM.
The entrance to the SMOM villa has a locked door with the famous key-hole through which St Peter's dome (Vatican) can be seen. Alessandro IW0GPN runs an efficient SSB pile-up at the second of the three HF stations in the main 1A0KM shack.
Francesco IK0FVC on his scooter with the 6m/VHF comms-van station in background. This is not 1A0KM, but a ham's antenna spotted on nearby roof during a lunch-break. The SMOM Villa Magistrale includes a post-office and just one post-box.
Roger G3SXW and Roberto IK0PRG with the roof-mounted Cushcraft R8 vertical. The embassy of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta (SMOM) in Italy. Roger G3SXW arrives at the SMOM villa with the R8 vertical visible on the roof.
Blue ties: Francesco IK0FVC (1A0KM organiser) shows SMOM's Director of Communications (left) around the 1A0KM station. Roger G3SXW with Gianfranco I0ZY, father of the Italian made SPE Expert 1K-FA solid state amp used at the 1A0KM operation.
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