G3TXF : IARU HF Championship : July 14
Nigel G3TXF uses a TS-590 (and Alpha 89 amp) to chase the 59 WRTC stations on three bands in the 2014 IARU HF Championship.
Although my Category was shown as "Multi-Mode Multi-Single Op", in practice it was "CW only, All-Band Assisted". Unfortunately there is no such category in the IARU Contest! Loads of time spent chasing the 59 WRTC Participant stations on CW.

Worked all 59 (I think) on CW on both 15m and 20m, but ended up two short (K1M and N1S) on 40m CW. Was QRV from a temporary location on only three bands: 40m, 20m and 15m. On 40m antenna was a fixed wire dipole at 70ft. On 20m a rotary dipole at 80ft, and for 15m, the 40m dipole was "force fed" through a tuner.

It was a great pleasure to chase and work the 59 WRTC stations, with their excellent ears and snappy operating styles on CW. Just amazing to follow on the live WRTC Scoreboard the huge number of QSOs achieved by those super-Op teams.

The fantastic WRTC activity adds a whole new dimension to what is otherwise rather mundane mid-summer HF contest!
Rotary dipole for 20m at 80ft. A fixed wire dipole was used on 40m, which was also "force fed" to work (badly) on 15m.
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